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tasukilovers's Journal

Tasuki Lovers
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Hello and welcome to the Tasuki Lovers community! If you love Tasuki, his seiyuu, or anything Tasuki related, this is the community for you! ^_^

There *are* of course a couple rules:

1: If you're going to post pictures, go right ahead! But, if they are super big, and take a long time to load, please use the LJ cut.

2. You can post nude, yaoi ( male x male ), or any other type of picture, as long as it is LJ cut. There might be some young eyes out there, and I don't want them to get in trouble. x_x

3. If you find any fanfics, go right ahead and post them! If it contains sexual material, just be sure to have a warning, again, young eyes!

And that's about it. ^_^ Oh by the way! I, cozzlie, is the moderator. You can send any questions, comments, flamer mail, at: yreana@aol.com.

"Brother" community: tamahomelovers!