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Okay, I know this isn't much, but I hate to see the community die! Tasuki lovers unite!! C'mon! Anyway I'm not all that great with LJ, I'm still working out the kinks especially with my background images, I can't seem to get it just right, but oh well it's good enough. Anyway I've created a Tasuki theme since I luves him so darn much, check out my Moodies!!!
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OMG!!! OMG!!! I love the moodies!!!!!!
They are tooooo cool!
You already know more than I do about LJ. lol!
Luv the icon!

Moodies werent really hard to make, all ya nees a paid account and your own bandwidth. Oh and pictures of course.
eee. Totally rockin' awesome!!! *squee-age*

I'm so glad this groups not dying. It's so fuuuuuuuuuun. Well, when we talk. ^_^

When I get more icon space this week (I'm waiting to make it coincide with my paid account and all this) I'm gonna have me a Tasuki icon. Yay!


P.S. Happy New Year?
Happy New Year!

Yeah we should come up with events or something to put us to the Tasuki test...test hmmm...sounds like a good idea!